The Do Tech Story

The DO TECH Story


It all started in 2014 at the age of 29, I embarked on a journey that many dream of but few dare to begin. Armed with nothing but a basic printer, a simple office telephone, a laptop, a desk & chair and a burning desire for success, I established the foundation of DO TECH in a modest room of my house. It wasn’t just the physical tools that marked the inception of my company, but the intangible belief that these humble tools were the seeds from which my dream would grow.

As I sit to write down our story, I am reminded of the weight each item held – the printer that would produce our first proposals, the telephone that would ring with the calls of prospective clients, the laptop where our ideas would take digital form, and the chair and desk that became my command centre. It was here, in this very room, that the blueprint of DO TECH was drafted, not just on paper, but in spirit and ambition.

This is a tale of growth, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of a dream. It’s about transforming a one-room, one-person operation into a beacon of success and a home to a community of brilliant minds. As you read on, you will discover not just how DO TECH evolved, but how we are still dreaming bigger with every year that passes.

How It Started

DO TECH began its life as Dynamic Office Technologies and was born from a simple yet revolutionary ethos: transparency, ethics and genuinely helpful solutions should be the cornerstones of any business. I was determined to chart a new course, diverging from the industry norms I’d observed — where companies prioritised sales over customer welfare. My vision was clear: to foster a business environment where success was mutual, a win/win for both supplier and customer.

The early days tested this vision rigorously. With a young family at home, a supportive wife and two small children, the stakes were high. The responsibility to provide was as much a driver as the ambition to succeed. I found myself on the front lines of entrepreneurship, knocking on doors, making relentless cold calls, and pouring over strategies late into the night. Every potential customer was an opportunity not just for a sale, but for a partnership, and every meeting was a chance to understand and align with our clients’ needs and ambitions.

It was a time of overcoming scepticism as a small entity, DO TECH had to compete in a market of established giants, armed with nothing but my personal track record and an unwavering belief in our core values. Yet, it was these very values that gradually began to resonate with our clients. They could see that DO TECH was more than a company, it was a commitment, a promise to always prioritize their goals and work tirelessly alongside them to achieve those aims.

How It’s Going

A decade into our journey, DO TECH stands as a testament to the power of consistent growth and unwavering commitment to our clients. From an ambitious start to year on year expansion in both our customer base and revenue, we’ve crafted a narrative of success that is as much ours as it is our clients’.

Our team, a passionate and dedicated assembly of professionals across Gauteng and the Western Cape, is the lifeblood of our operations. Together, we’ve built a vibrant customer community of around 400 businesses nationwide, including those who trusted us from the very beginning. Our customer retention speaks volumes, not just of the quality of our solutions, but of the deep relationships we’ve nurtured over the years.

The offices we now occupy are more than just a workspace they are the embodiment of our dreams and aspirations. Even through the unforeseen challenges of COVID-19, a period that tested every fiber of our resolve, DO TECH thrived. We adapted, persevered, and emerged stronger, all the while maintaining the close, almost familial bonds with our customers.

In reflection, our growth is not measured merely in numbers, but in the quality of service and the strength of the connections we’ve forged. DO TECH today is not just a company, it’s a community, a collective that thrives on mutual success and shared ambitions.

Staff Highlights

At the core of DO TECH’s accomplishments is a team of extraordinary individuals, each bringing a unique blend of dedication and expertise to the table. Razana Hassen is a beacon of this ethos, having joined us as a junior admin in 2015. Over the last nine years, she has risen through the ranks to become the Head of Projects. Razana’s commitment to the company is unparalleled; she ensures that each customer’s transition to DO TECH is seamless, understanding the immense trust they place in us. Her proficiency and passion are the driving force behind our project success stories.

In 2017, Joy De Saint Pern, my wife and partner in both life and business, took the helm of our accounts department. Her meticulous attention to detail has transformed our accounts services, ensuring precision and clarity that our customers have come to rely on. Joy’s consistency and organization are the pillars that uphold our reputation for dependability and excellence in all financial interactions.

Sabinah Mathonsi, who joined as a service controller in 2019, has quickly ascended to lead our customer support team. A natural-born leader, she has cultivated a team as dedicated to our clients as she is. Thanks to Sabinah’s stewardship, the promise of exceptional service at DO TECH is not just a statement—it’s a guarantee.

Our team members are united by a shared ambition: to deliver the ultimate customer experience. It’s a goal that every individual at DO TECH holds as their highest priority, and their collective efforts continue to set us apart in the industry.

Future Aspirations

DO TECH’s guiding mantra, “Big enough to deliver but small enough to care,” will continue to light the path for our future endeavors. This philosophy has served as the bedrock of our approach and will remain our compass as we expand our reach across South Africa. Our goal is not merely to grow in numbers but to do so with individuals who embody our culture and share an unwavering commitment to our vision—providing dynamic office technologies paired with invaluable advice to companies nationwide.

Our customers have always been and will continue to be at the forefront of every decision and innovation. We aspire to evolve not just as a business, but as a community that uplifts every member, nurturing and educating our team so they can excel in their roles and in turn, lead fulfilling lives. We aim to construct more than just a company; we’re building a legacy on the strong foundation we’ve laid—one that equally benefits our customers and our people.

In pursuit of this, we are on the brink of integrating an omnichannel solution within our customer support center, with ambitions to extend this across the entire company. This will revolutionize how we connect, support, and reach out to our clients, ensuring that we’re there for them whenever they need us, in every way possible.

Simultaneously, we’re amplifying our solutions department to extend our hand to more businesses in need of our expertise. Continuous training for our team is in the works to ensure that they are abreast of the latest technological advancements, enabling us to provide quicker and more efficient turnarounds for our clients.

At DO TECH, the future is bright, brimming with the promise of innovation, growth, and an unwavering dedication to the people we serve.


As we continue to write the story of DO TECH, our journey is as much about technology as it is about people—our dedicated team, our valued customers, and the community we’re building together. Our commitment to being “big enough to deliver but small enough to care” remains unwavering as we look ahead to a future of shared success.

If you’re seeking office technology solutions that come with a personal touch, or if you simply want advice that puts your interests first, we invite you to join the DO TECH family. Let’s explore how our expertise and your vision can align to create something remarkable.

Connect with us today — because your success is our business.

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