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Have you ever considered the intricate web of connections that link you to the wider world? DO TECH we specialise in bridging that gap with a comprehensive array of network solutions, meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of your business. Our offerings are not just about connectivity, they’re about empowering your business to operate more efficiently and securely in the digital age.

Firewall Security Solutions

A robust firewall is the cornerstone of your business’s network security. Our Firewall Security Solutions are engineered to safeguard your corporate network by filtering incoming and outgoing traffic based on an applied rule set. A firewall effectively acts as a barrier between your trusted internal network and untrusted outside networks, such as the internet.

We provide a comprehensive range of firewall solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business, from basic monitoring to advanced protection systems. Our firewalls are designed to prevent unauthorised access, while allowing legitimate traffic to flow freely. With features like Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Virtual Private Network (VPN) support, and advanced threat detection, our firewalls ensure that your network is shielded against a wide array of cyber threats.

Our security experts are dedicated to configuring your firewall to enforce your company’s security policies without impeding day-to-day operations. We focus on creating a balance between security and usability, with minimal disruption to productivity. Moreover, our firewall solutions come with detailed logging and reporting capabilities, giving you insight into traffic patterns and potential security risks.

Investing in our Firewall Security Solutions equips your business with the necessary tools to protect against data breaches and cyber-attacks, instilling confidence in your clients and partners about the safety of their data transactions with your company.

Local Area Network (LAN) Equipment

Construct a solid foundation for your business’s internal network with our range of Local Area Network (LAN) equipment. LAN is an essential aspect of modern business infrastructure, enabling the communication between devices within a limited area such as an office, building, or campus. Our LAN solutions encompass a variety of high-performance equipment including switches, routers, hubs, and bridges, all designed to facilitate fast and reliable interconnectivity.


Our switches are the backbone of the LAN, ensuring efficient data transfer and management across the network, supporting everything from basic data sharing to high-bandwidth video conferencing. With managed and unmanaged options available, you can select the level of control you need for your network operations

Routers play a critical role in directing traffic between your LAN and wider networks, including the internet, with security protocols to protect your internal communications. Hubs and bridges extend the reach of your LAN, ensuring seamless data flow and connectivity for all networked devices.

We also offer Power over Ethernet (PoE) options to streamline the deployment of networked devices like VoIP phones and security cameras, reducing the need for additional power supplies. Our LAN equipment is designed to be scalable and interoperable, ensuring that as your business grows, your network can easily expand to meet increasing demand.

Partner with us for your LAN equipment needs, and enjoy a reliable, secure, and scalable networking setup that supports your business operations and drives productivity.

Enterprise WiFi Solutions

Navigate the fast-paced technological landscape with our Enterprise WiFi Solutions, designed to meet the demands of modern businesses. WiFi connectivity is no longer just a convenience, it’s a critical component for operational efficiency and employee productivity. Our enterprise-grade WiFi networks offer robust wireless connectivity that is secure, scalable, and fast, ensuring that your employees and clients stay connected, anytime and anywhere within your workplace.

With dual-bandwidth options, high throughput, and advanced MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) technology, our WiFi systems provide comprehensive coverage to eliminate dead zones and support a high number of concurrent users. This ensures that everyone in your organisation has uninterrupted access to the resources they need.

Security is paramount in our WiFi solutions, which include advanced encryption, secure access controls, guest networking capabilities, and protected authentication protocols. We ensure your network is safe from unauthorised access and safeguard your sensitive business data with industry-leading security measures.

To accommodate the evolving needs of businesses, our WiFi solutions are scalable, allowing for easy expansion as your company grows. We offer centralised management systems that provide real-time insights into network performance, user activity, and device management. This allows for proactive monitoring and maintenance, ensuring optimal performance across your wireless network.

Implementing our Enterprise WiFi Solutions translates into increased productivity, enhanced collaboration, and the flexibility to embrace mobile and cloud-based applications confidently. Propel your business into a future where connectivity is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of your operations.

Structured Cabling Solutions

Lay the groundwork for a robust and efficient network infrastructure in your business with our comprehensive Structured Cabling Solutions. When constructing a network from scratch, the choice of cabling is pivotal to ensure both current and future data transmission needs are met. We specialise in the installation and maintenance of Category 5 (Cat5), Category 6 (Cat6), and fiber optic cabling systems.

Cat5 cables are a cost-effective solution that can handle up to 100 Mbps, which suits smaller businesses or those with moderate networking requirements. Cat6 cables, on the other hand, are designed to facilitate speeds up to 1 Gbps, making them suitable for medium to large businesses with a higher demand for data throughput and bandwidth. They also offer improved signal integrity and reduced crosstalk compared to their predecessors.

For enterprises with the most demanding data and bandwidth requirements, fiber optic cabling is the premier choice. It offers unparalleled data transmission speeds over longer distances without being susceptible to electromagnetic interference, ensuring a highly reliable and secure network.

Our installation process begins with a thorough assessment of your business’s needs, followed by a meticulous design phase to ensure that the cabling infrastructure will support your operations now and in the future. We manage the installation with minimal disruption to your daily activities, and our post-installation support includes rigorous testing and certification to guarantee optimal network performance.

Incorporating structured cabling into your business is not just an operational necessity, it’s an investment in your company’s technological agility and scalability. With our expertly designed and installed cabling solutions, your business will be equipped to handle today’s data demands and tomorrow’s technological advancements.

IT Hardware Solutions

Our IT Hardware Solutions portfolio is designed to support the diverse and dynamic needs of modern businesses. We provide a wide selection of essential IT hardware, including PCs, laptops, servers, and a variety of peripherals that are vital to your company’s day-to-day operations.

Personal Computers (PCs) and Laptops: Choose from our range of high-performance desktops and portable laptops, equipped with the latest processors, ample memory, and robust storage capabilities. We offer devices that cater to a variety of professional roles, from basic office applications to high-end graphic design and data analysis tasks. Our selection includes energy-efficient and space-saving designs to fit any workspace configuration.

Servers: At the heart of your network lies the server – the powerhouse that stores, sends, and processes data. Our server solutions range from entry-level models for small businesses to powerful enterprise servers capable of handling massive workloads. They are designed for reliability, scalability, and security, ensuring that your critical business data is always accessible and protected.

Peripherals: Complement your PCs, laptops, and servers with our peripherals that enhance functionality and improve user experience. This includes monitors with crisp, clear displays, ergonomic keyboards and mice, printers for all your documentation needs, and external storage devices for additional backup. We also offer specialised peripherals like barcode scanners, POS systems, and more to cater to specific industry needs.

Networking Hardware: To connect all your IT equipment, we offer networking hardware such as routers, switches, modems, and more, ensuring fast and secure data transfer within your organisation and beyond.

Our comprehensive suite of IT hardware is backed by professional advice on selection and configuration, ensuring compatibility and integration with your existing systems. Additionally, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your hardware continues to serve your business effectively, keeping you competitive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Comprehensive IT Services for
Every Need

Our range is extensive, ensuring that we can cater to both foundational and advanced requirements. Whether you’re looking for robust IT support contracts, high-performance enterprise WiFi, or the convenience and collaboration of Microsoft Office 365, we have the expertise to deliver. In the realm of security, our solutions include state-of-the-art firewalls, VPN connections for secure remote access, and comprehensive anti-virus measures to protect your digital assets.

Beyond Connectivity: Hosting, Backup, and Support

DO TECH extends its services to domain hosting and email hosting, ensuring a reliable and professional online presence for your business. Our cloud backup solutions offer peace of mind with secure data storage, while our cabling services ensure optimal physical network infrastructure. And for ongoing assistance, our remote desktop support is always just a call or click away.

Tailored Solutions to Fit Your Unique Business

Understanding that every business has its unique requirements, we at DO TECH are committed to providing personalised guidance. Reach out to us, and let's explore how our IT services and network solutions can be tailored to align precisely with your business objectives. Let DO TECH be the partner that helps you discover the perfect blend of technology solutions to enhance your operational efficiency and security.

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